"THE WHY OVERHEAD" by Adam Szymkowicz

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Author:  Adam Szymkowicz

Synopsis: At the call center, all are desperate to connect with each other, seek greater meaning and take their desires to extremes.  Sam is in love with Violet, a customer who called once with a warranty question, and he smashes all barriers to rendezvous with her.  Alan and Sid are blinded in their rivalry for Jessica and together, build a decorative glass window over her cubicle to worship her under. Annie and Nigel have a hate-hate relationship and are each plotting the other’s demise.  Karen, the department head, plays hooky and makes plans with her sometimes talkative dog to leave the working world entirely in favor of the hobo life.  Donald is home too, plotting revenge for being canned as office manager.  In the end, the CEO, Mr. Henderson, will sweep in and make everything right, because that's what CEO's do, right?

Cast Size:  7 Males, 5 Females




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