Play Licensing

Production royalties are negotiable to best suit your theatre's size and budget.

Please email us with the below to receive a preliminary quote.


Be sure to include our email ([email protected]) in your safe senders list to ensure you receive our response.

Please email us with the following info:

  • Theatre Name
  • Theatre Company Web Address/URL
  • Contact Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Requested Title
  • Number of Performances
  • Dates
  • Seating Capacity
  • Ticket Prices

Average Amateur/Community Rates:

Full length - $90-150

One Act - $40-55

Ten Minute - $20-30



Information sent via this page will be kept confidential. 


Licensing request does not guarantee your ability to produce your desired title.


Enough print edition scripts for your cast and crew are required before licensing is secured.  Digital editions do not qualify.  Scripts may be purchased from OWP or Amazon.  If purchased via Amazon an email copy of the receipt is sufficient.  (FOR PRODUCERS OUTSIDE THE U.S. - Must use Amazon to acquire print scripts, as OWP no longer ships international due to high shipping costs.)


Production rights must be secured well in advance of production.  (4 weeks is ideal)


Producing an OWP title without permission indicates complete acceptance of Original Works Publishing's terms and rates for production.  Those discovered producing any title in the OWP catalog without permission are subject to a large fine for each performance in addition to the normal production fee.  Failure to immediately remit payment of fines and fees will result in prosecution. 


FOR STUDENTS:  Original Works does not charge licensing fees for monologues or scenes used at Thespian Festivals, ACTF, Forensics and Debate tournaments.  We are on the "Approved Publishers" list for the Thespy Awards.