"APPLES IN WINTER" by Jennifer Fawcett

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Author:  Jennifer Fawcett

Synopsis:  Miriam is making an apple pie for her son.  

Twenty-two years ago, Miriam’s son, Robert, committed a horrible crime while in the grips of withdrawal. It was violent and terrifying and resulted in the deaths of two teenagers who did not deserve to die in such a violent and terrifying way. Robert was caught, tried, and convicted of first-degree murder and has been sitting on death row ever since. In seven hours the state will execute him. As is the tradition, Robert is granted a last meal. His request: a slice of his mother’s apple pie.

This is a play about monsters and the mothers of monsters.

And about how we care for each other.

And about how to make a really good apple pie. 

Cast Size: 1 Female

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