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Author:  Gary Garrison

Nine Ten Minute Plays for Two Actors


  • STORM ON STORM - Norton Templer has been struck by lightning twice, gaining fame as New Jersey’s “weather-provoking” Lawn Furniture Salesman.  But the real storm is at home, where his wife grows cold and his own daughter is afraid to have him at her wedding.

  • DUMP - How can Pauley just want to sleep when her sickly father is discovered missing? Racing the clock, her best friend, Corrina, has to find out before time runs out.

  • GAME ON - At the end of a first date with no chance of a second, Donnie demands to know why he and Ted didn’t spark.  But the answer – that Donnie isn’t “straight-acting” – leads him to question: why date a guy who acts like something he’s not?

  • GAWK - After her grandson’s death, Winnapeg is visited by the last person to see him alive: the boy’s white fourth grade teacher, Joyce.  But if all Joyce wants is to hand over a blood-stained final letter, why isn’t she leaving – and will Winnapeg even let her?

  • THE SWEEP - Frank summons his friend Johnson to a hospital waiting room with an unusual post-mortem request: to be in charge of “the sweep” – removing, after his death, the signs of the side of life he keeps hidden.  But what is Frank hiding from his best friend?

  • CAUGHT WITHOUT CANDY - The screams coming from Amanda and Donna’s house on Halloween have nothing to do with Trick or Treaters, and everything to do with a couple’s journey into truths about life that will change them forever.

  • MARC-US - On the viewing platform of the World Trade Center Disaster, a gay man who lost his partner on 9/11 receives unexpected support from a female stranger: a chatty tourist from way, way out of town.

  • VERTICALS AND HORIZONTALS - There are two kinds of people in this world, as Sonya and Bradley discover when a wild Southern customer rolls out of a Persian rug in the store where they work.  To make the sale, they’ll have to figure out which kind they personally are, even if it means rising down to his level.





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