"DEX & ABBY" by Allan Baker

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Author:  Allan Baker

Synopsis:  Sean and Corey are enjoying the beginning of a relationship and their new home.   Their dogs, Abby and Dex, are not.  Abby, Sean’s young, excitable and somewhat mischievous dog, must learn to deal with the much older and steadier Dex, who has long been Corey’s companion and protector.   Sean and Corey must also deal with a strain in their relationship, resulting from a secret Sean is afraid to reveal. We watch the development of these relationships and these conflicts and see how the dogs both resolve their conflicts and aid Sean and Corey in the resolution of theirs.  Fortunately, all four can communicate in funny, lovely and very unexpected ways: Sean and Corey to their respective dogs and the dogs to each other directly; and each dog to their respective human companion in “dreams."  

Cast Size:  3 Males, 2 Females

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