"BURNING" by Ginger Lazarus

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Author:  Ginger Lazarus

Synopsis:  It’s 2008, at the height of the second Gulf War, and Don’t Ask Don’t Tell still bans LGBTQ service members from revealing their truth. Cy Burns, discharged from the Army for coming out, now takes on the world with her words, blogging from her rural country store where she and her employee, Sammy, elicit a mix of admiration and homophobia. When local infantryman Cole begs for Cy's help in wooing east coast transplant Rose, she volunteers to ghost write his courtship and keep her own admiration for Rose silent. Meanwhile, the return of her former commander revives old grudges and forces Cy to confront the darkest days of her military past. When Cole is deployed, Cy not only keeps the love letters coming but charts a dangerous course to expose Dulac’s complicity in unspeakable crimes. In love and war, words unspoken are the words that burn.

Cast Size:  2 Females, 3 Males


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