"AMERICAN WHUP-ASS" by Justin Warner

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Author:  Justin Warner

Synopsis: The re-election campaign of Nevada Senator and former UNLV football star Wayne “Wall of Pain” Kight has hit some serious snags. His wife and campaign manager have been caught in a dalliance in the campaign bus, which his opponent, retired wrestler General Mayhem, mocks along with Kight’s attempt to save Nevada from a planned toxic waste dump. His poll numbers are slipping and life as he knows it is coming to an end; can accepting Mayhem’s challenge of an election-eve wrestling match at Caesar’s Palace save him? With the public clamoring for full contact, legislator-on-legislator wrestling action, winning re-election may cost him not only a few bumps and bruises, but also his relationship with his daughter and his dignity.

Cast Size:  5 Males, 1 Female




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