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Author:  Neil Haven

Synopsis: In this hilarious and irreverent send-up, Santa is hosting his annual holiday party attended by the usual holiday favorties:  Frosty, Tiny Tim, The Little Drummer Boy, and Rudolph, who all have a bone to pick with Santa.  After the introduction of the sexy new Little Drummer Girl, tempers flare, and Santa ends up with a candy cane through the heart.  No one will confess, no one can leave, and Christmas is in jeopardy.  As the tension builds, a couple of incompetent detectives enter the scene, and all the dirty secrets of these iconic holiday characters are revealed.  Eventually, with the help of the audience, the murderer is convicted and sentenced.  *  The show features parodies of holiday songs and four different endings.

Cast Size:  3 Males, 2 Females, 1 Either




"It’s frustrating to try and do justice to just how funny this play is. Not just the moment to moment kind of funny. But also the more global kind of funny, where you keep shaking your head at this incredible chain of events and the tapestry it weaves."

- OnMilwaukee.com


"...a show that generates humor from start to finish by gleefully exposing the disconnect between the Christmas we were promised and the one we usually get, under the tree and in everyday life."

- The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

"I dare you to keep from laughing."

- Milwaukee Examiner

"a pitch-perfect, raunchy send-up of every other holiday show in town and on TV."

- Thirdcoast Digest


"...stunningly original and, well, frankly addictive."

"Let the hilarity ensue . . . and it DOES – non-stop, in fact – not even when the audience has a chance to catch its breath during the intermission, as we were still laughing and wiping our eyes from the first act."

- Young Non-Profit Professionals Network


"...hysterically funny, completely improbable and undeniably entertaining..."

"It spoofs nearly every Christmas tradition one can imagine, all the while holding together the play’s interesting plot twists."

- Totaltheatre.com 

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