"THINGS YOU CAN DO" by Kristen Palmer

"THINGS YOU CAN DO" by Kristen Palmer

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Author: Kristen Palmer

Synopsis:  Stevie studies the Cryosphere. Her dissertation is not going well – the ice she studies is disappearing too fast – and there is nothing she can do about it. She goes home, searching for some comfort and falls through the ice.

     At home, Stevie faces the fragmented unit her family has become.  Her mother is pre-occupied, battling against the rampant development that has transformed their town and her teen-age sister Bella is filled with alienation and angst.  She’s selling drugs to get people to talk to her and her first crush has resulted in humiliation.  She’s got a mind for revenge.  

     When Bella commits her act of vengeance it forces this family to come together and face the reality of their crumbling world and the limits - and possibilities - of their actions. 

Cast Size:  4 Females, 1 Male

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