THE "THE" PLAYS by Joshua James

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Author:  Joshua James


  • THE FIGHT  (2m, one set, fifteen minutes) - A small man does his utmost to pick a fight with a much larger man.
  • THE DANGER  (1m,1f) - A housewife has had it with her secure and quiet husband, her very safe and predictable life, and decides to tell him she's leaving.

  • THE PAP  (1m, 1f) - A young lady in a hurry for her pap gets a young doctor on his first day.

  • THE ITCH  (2m, 1f) - Two quadriplegics bicker with each other as their nurse referees.

  • THE RACE  (1m, 1f) - A married couple lay in bed on a late evening, drunk and happy, and wish to have sex but are too tired to move.

  • THE VIEWING  (2m, 1f, one set, twenty minutes) - A priest, and art critic and a beautiful painter match wits at a funeral-slash-performance art show.




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