"THE PORNOZOMBIES" by Matt Casarino

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Author: Matt Casarino

Synopsis: In The PornoZombies, an insidious new threat is creeping into the American mainstream – zombie porn. It’s up to our hero, right-wing Detective Karla Lumpkins, and her faithful band of vigilantes to stop the evil scientist/auteur Dr. Hadfield and save the country from moral decay – but does the country really want to be saved? And are Karla and her minions ready to face the PornoZombies? The PornoZombies is a take-off on the cautionary tale movies of the '40s and '50s in which the entire movie existed to warn you against some lurid topic like the evils of smoking pot while they exploited the topic at the same time.

Cast Size: 6 Males, 5 Females (Playing Multiple Roles)




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