THE BOAT IN THE TIGER SUIT by Hank Willenbrink

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Author: Hank Willenbrink

Synopsis: Set on two different boats, The Boat in the Tiger Suit begins at Herman’s funeral, who left his family to join the army (and hide from his wife in the process). As Herman’s wife searches for reasons to make her adult children stay, her son Rene slips off to seduce Gene, the solider who accompanies Herman’s casket. Meanwhile, Rene’s sister April attempts to free herself from longtime partner and high school sweetheart, Dave. Tacit allegiances are formed, tried, and tested as the quartet of remaining characters stare into an uncertain future of turbulent waters which may contain tigers.

Cast Size: 4 Males, 2 Females



“I was definitely in awe of the situations [Willenbrink’s] mind created for us. Despite all of the difficult and painful topics, he still manages to write hilarious lines that border the line of shock value and ‘WTF.’” —Theatre is Easy (

“a compelling story that pulls the curtain back on the uncomfortable truths that death reveals.” —Brooklyn Based

“Quirky, funny, and poignant all at the same time, he does a fantastic job of blending genres and avoiding the unrealistic sappiness that very often comes with death and funerals.” —New York Theatre Review

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