THE B-TEAM by David Holstein

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Author:  David Holstein

Synopsis: THE B-TEAM is a dark comedy that follows a crew of second-string terrorists from Buffalo, New York -- a leader with thumbs paralyzed in the up position, a militant homophobe, a bombmaker seduced by capitalism and a Jew who really hates his mother -- on their quests for love, approval, McNuggets and martyrdom.

Cast Size:  6 Males



"Torches the place with a Molotov cocktail of raunchy situations, filthy language and unforgivable stereotypes. And that’s a compliment."

—Atlanta Constitution Journal

"As if Tony Kushner wrote a Saturday Night Live sketch."

—Creative Loafing Atlanta

"The only way to handle material like this is to swing for the fences, and that Mr. Holstein does.

A perfect entertainment for the somewhat desperate times we seem to be living in."

—Atlanta INtown


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