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Author:  Matt Pelfrey

Synopsis: After barely surviving an office rampage, Mac Winchell is thrust into a nightmare landscape populated by lost Marlboro Men, psychotic vagabonds, sinister corporate thugs and a strange cult known as a “The Church of Christ, Office Shooter”.  Mac attempts to escape this twisted reality by undertaking a quest that ultimately leads him into the darkest corners of the American Dream.  Terminus Americana is a surreal, visceral and challenging examination of our violence-saturated culture.

Cast Size:  5 Males, 3 Females, double casting



“Matt Pelfrey’s “Terminus Americana” emerges as one of those rare works that actually gains clarity in light of recent catastrophes...indeed, with its emphasis on insane conspiracy theories and the American apocalypse, Pelfrey’s darkly comic play seems eerily prescient.”  --LOS ANGELES TIMES

“The appeal of Pelfrey’s piece is his clever, comic explosion of the media portrayal of violence into an absurd, yet somehow truthful, vision.  His point is not so much that America is besotted with violence, but that American media is besotted with violence.  Needless to say, shows that feature people being mauled by animals, and the Fox network in particular, take it on the chin.” --BACK STAGE WEST  (CRITIC’S PICK)

“Matt Pelfrey’s play throbs with dark urgency and wit, a fever dream of political/economic/sexual paranoia.  The creative density of Pelfrey’s vision is impressive, positing an alternative America where mutant babies swim in corporate zoos.  The heartland is literally a Marlboro Country populated by cancerous, hacking Marlboro Men, where a vicious Uncle Sam runs the show as a sort of malignant Elvis.”  --L.A. WEEKLY  (PICK OF THE WEEK)

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