SCREWUPS by Justin Warner

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Author: Justin Warner

HEAD GAMES - In ancient Judea, Herod returns with the ultimate gift for Salome: the Head of John the Baptist. But maybe he should have kept the receipt.

BUM STEER - Marital tension simmers beneath a lively anecdote about an undercooked six-pound steak.

MICROCOSM - A spat between two lost germs parallels the conflict between the scientists who study them.

PAGE-TURNER - Careless reading can be deadly, especially when the book predicts your future.

THE FACE OF GOD - A celestial clerical error puts a man's fate in the hands of a twenty-something paper-pusher claiming to be God.

FAT NAKED TRUCKERS - A wholesome suburban dad spars with telemarketers who know his unwholesome secrets.

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