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Author: T.S. Cook

Synopsis: American Will Torrey is in Moscow to confront Russian and American oligarchs on behalf of striking workers back home. But a fistfight and the death of a bodyguard lands him in a Russian prison, at the mercy of Major Viktor Davidykov. Yet, in his interrogator, an old Communist who longs for the way Russia used to be, he finds a sympathetic ear, a curious mind, and, ultimately, a possible savior. In a tightly-woven tale of investigation, intrigue and reversal, two men who were taught from childhood to mistrust and fear each other begin to see the world another way. But everything comes at a price.

Cast Size: 4 Males, 1 Female, various



“Exciting new drama which explores complex ideological issues to keen effect.”—Los Angeles Times

“Serious political plays are as rare as honest politicians these days. A good serious political play is rarer still, which makes T.S. Cook’s thoughtful if despairingRavensridge all the more valuable.”—Daily Variety

Ravensridge… shows a refreshing courage to raise questions about the increasingly rigid stratification of America’s classes. And it cuts to the heart of what it means to work in America today…”—LA Weekly

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