RATTLERS by Johnna Adams

RATTLERS by Johnna Adams

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The Angel Eaters Trilogy follows three generations of a family cursed with the gift of raising people from the dead.  These angel eaters, like a sin eater in reverse, eat the goodness off a dead body, bringing the deceased back from the dead brimming with evil and intent on mayhem.


Author:  Johnna Adams

Synopsis: Set in the 1970s, Oklahoma.  A snake wrangler kidnaps a preacher, suspending a cage of live rattlers over his head, for a woman willing to sell her soul in exchange for her dead sister.  A mother who lives for revenge.  An alcoholic oil pipe layer with flashes of unwelcome clairvoyance.  An undertaker who weeps for the woman he embalms. And one innocent boy surrounded by people with hearts like rattlers.

Cast Size:  5 Males, 2 Females




Nominee - Outstanding Full Length Script - 2009 Innovative Theatre Awards

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