NEVERLAND by Jonathan Dorf

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Author:  Jonathan Dorf

Synopsis: Eight year old Wendy decides that Peter, almost nine, is “the one” for her.  Driven by her not quite mystical revelation, she proceeds to follow him through his life, reinventing herself and reappearing each time he moves on.  She’s his new neighbor, his juvenile hall reading tutor, his teaching assistant when he finally gets himself together enough to go to college, the new waitress at his favorite diner and an outreach volunteer when he falls apart again.  But she can never quite reveal herself, and goaded by J.M., her unfriendly imaginary friend, she goes to pieces.  And then it’s up to Peter, all the while dodging his hallucinatory Fury of a mother, to chase her back.  The same actors play Peter and Wendy from childhood through their forties, and one actor (female) plays everyone else in this dark comedy in which apples and French kisses swell to monstrous proportions.

Cast Size:  1 Male, 2 Females




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