"Past/Future/Present Trilogy" by Michael Mitnick

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Part I, ELIJAH (Past): 1922: Elijah, a broke student from Brooklyn, arrives in Paris and becomes an accidental Don Juan over-night. While hunting his idol, a reclusive composer of ballets, Elijah is swept into a life changing summer of sex, opium, and blackmail.  4 Males, 5 Females.

From the Introduction by Paula Vogel:  Elijah is in parts a seductive, elegant nocturne for the stage, and in parts a taut, comedy of menace in the vein of Patricia Highsmith.”


Part II, ED, DOWNLOADED (Future): Set in a future where one can purchase immortality and spend an afterlife in a digital heaven of one’s favorite memories, technological advancements bring infinite possibilities.  Half live action play and half film, Ed, Downloaded is a sci-fi love story for high-tech dreamers.  1 Male, 2 Females.

From the Introduction by Sam Buntrock:  Ed, Downloaded transports us smoothly from one medium to another, not because it chooses, but because it must.”


Part III, BABS THE DODO (Present): Despite a heart of 14k gold, Babs is over-the-hill and facing extinction as a top On-Air personality at the Home Shopping Network. Love appears from unexpected places as Babs fights to survive. This deliriously dark comedy sets Babs in the sale of her life as she grasps for love, happiness and sparkle.  2 Males, 2 Females.

(Includes the bonus play "The Seven Categories." 1 Male, 1 Female.)

From the Introduction by John Weidman:  “Michael Mitnick’s voice-witty, compassionate, and humane-leading us through Babs the Dodo not unlike the Stage Manager leading us through Our Town.


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