MONKEY ADORED by Henry Murray

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Author:  Henry Murray

Synopsis:  What if animals evolved to the point where they could talk, sit in cafes and carry on interspecies love affairs? What if they decided to seek revenge on the humans who have subjugated them throughout history? A hybrid of ribald sex comedy and action/thriller MONKEY ADORED was lauded as a “Critic’s Pick” by Backstage.

Cast Size:  4 Males, 2 Females




“Magically, through all the monkeyshines, Murray manages to bring us closer to an understanding of the exquisite pain of love as practiced by the human animal.” - VARIETY


"Frisky, unruly, provocative show" - LA Times


“Magnificently done.  Murray mirrors us all brilliantly here. Comedic, tragic and dark, Monkey Adored is superlative in execution, story and performance” - LA Theatre Review


“An opposable thumbs-up!” - EyespyLA


“There are shades of George Orwell's classic allegorical novel Animal Farm in playwright Henry Murray's profound seriocomic fable of animals plotting a revolt against their brutal treatment by humans. The animal characters impart incisive reflections on the foibles, insecurities, and redeeming characteristics of people, underlined by our need for emotional connection.” - BACKSTAGE: Critic’s Pick  

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