KNUCKLEBALL by William Whitehurst

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Author: William Whitehurst

Synopsis: In a moment of passion and intimacy, Ross proposes to his promiscuous lover Trish. She desperately wants to say yes, but cannot. But Ross won’t take no for answer—she must either marry him or explain why she won’t. She tells an extraordinary tale about who—and what—she really is. But is she telling the truth? And if she is, will the truth destroy these lovers, or save them? Knuckleball challenges us to rethink the nature and meaning of love in our contemporary world.

Cast Size: 1 Male, 1 Female



"the best dramatic work I've seen at any Fringe." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"sharply calibrated, strongly felt roller-coaster ride through lust attempting to evolve into love" - San Francisco Chronicle

"moves deliberately toward its conclusion, taking many wild and unforeseen turns before doing so, but ultimately landing in the catcher's mitt successfully, a strike" -

"explores the perilous tightrope that can exist between passion and potential violence, leading to explosive dramatic encounters" - Backstage West

"tense…tough….emotional….entirely compelling" - Des Moines Register

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