JUDY GRAY by Julianne Homokay

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Author:  Julianne Homokay

Synopsis: Judy wants to fly.  Judy has wanted to fly as long as she can remember. So, as a vengeful response to her well-meaning yet domineering father, Judy steals his golf clubs and builds her dream wings out of them.  Adolescence soon interferes with her goal.  Egged on by her Girls in Gray, the relentless inner voices that seek to drive teen-aged girls to destruction, Judy loses sight of herself and lets her attraction to her feather pusher, Birdman, lead her into addiction and promiscuity.  In this sense, quirky Judy, with her thick glasses and command of geometry theorems, becomes an Everygirl who must figure out how to grow up in a household that refuses to allow her the room to grow. 

Cast Size:  2 Males, 8 Females



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