I AM I by Mike Czuba

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Author:  Mike Czuba

Synopsis: Man #1 and Man #2 are locked in a life long struggle between wants and needs, the rational and the desired, never fully understanding that they cannot exist without each other.  Man #1 wants to quietly merge into the traffic of everyday life while Man #2 wants to cut a new path through the wilderness.  This battle of ideals comes to a head with the introduction of Sonya, the latest object of interest and the metaphor for all that came before.  I AM I exposes the inner workings of a dark heart and an over-worked mind, shattering any idea of a fourth wall, creating a visceral, funny and painfully honest meta-theatrical journey. 

Cast Size:  2 Males, 1 Female



"a funny, sad, and at times, devastatingly truthful show." - The Concordian, Montreal

"It is a laughably true-to life portrait of insecurity even as it is heartbreaking." - Rover Arts

"Ever sit in a theater and get so involved in a show that you feel like an integral part of the cast?  I AM I is one such show." - The Charlebois Post

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