"GUILTY MOMENTS" by Arthur Jolly

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Author:  Arthur M. Jolly

  • HOWIE'S LAST WORDS - After a close call, a stuntman's wife demands he quit the business.  (1M, 1F)
  • TIGER IN A CAGE - A psychiatrist finds herself locked in with a former patient - a recidivist sex offender.  (1M, 1F)
  • EVERY BATTLE, EVERY WAR - Four quarrelsome soldiers find more to fight about with each other than the enemy.  (4M)
  • AFTER IT'S ALL OVER - A nuclear family in a post-nuclear world struggles with an exceptionally one-sided war.  (2M, 1F)
  • BETTER BY CANDLELIGHT - A widower relives his anniversary with a role playing prostitute.  (1M, 1F)
  • THE WAITING ROOM OF THE GODS - Classical personifications of love must cope with a modern interloper.  (2M, 2F)
  • THE FINE PRINT - The devil tempts a meticulous engineer.  (1M, 1 Either)





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