"GORE HOUNDS" by Matt Pelfrey

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Author:  Matt Pelfrey

Synopsis:  Three drug-fueled horror junkies, Turk, Hud and Alex, get their hands on an authentic snuff film and plan to watch it as part of their weekly night of junk food and debauchery.  However, the evening takes a surreal detour when one of the victims from the snuff film explodes from the television and into the “real world” of their basement.  Alex and Hud think this is their chance to finally indulge in their darkest, most depraved fantasies with a woman who can’t possibly be real.  Disgusted by what his friends are planning, Turk refuses to let Alex or Hud touch the woman, whether she’s real or just a creation from their drug-addled mind.  GORE HOUNDS is an edgy and unflinching exploration of media violence in our interactive culture.

Cast Size:  3 Males, 1 Female




"Pelfrey cunningly captures the mindless babble of his barely post-adolescent characters."
--Los Angeles Times

"Intense, disturbing, and possessed of a surprisingly well-thought-out moral center."
--Back Stage West

"The play could have ignited a riot -- quite a trick, in jaded NYC!"
--The Off-Off-Broadway Review

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