GLORIANA by Chuck Spoler

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Author:  Chuck Spoler

Synopsis: A drama with plenty of comedy, Gloriana tells the story of Beth Cromwell, a disturbed teenager who believes that she is Elizabeth I.  Consumed by "court intrigue", she spends her days speaking in Elizabethan English to her imaginary court jester, Trigolid.  For two years Beth has refused to take anti-psychotic medication, as it would destroy her delusions.  In order to manipulate Beth into taking her medicine, Dr. Burger, her psychiatrist, inserts himself and her parents into Beth's fantasy, as historical characters.  The mystery deepens as Burger begins to suspect that a dark family secret is at the root of Beth's psychosis.  If she finally takes the medication, she will lose the defense mechanism that has protected her, but if she doesn't, others may fall prey to the shadow that has encompassed her life.

Cast Size:  2 Males, 2 Females



"a fascinating new work... with Gloriana Spoler builds on his reputation for creating intensely human characters living fascinating lives within a unique premise." - The Baltimore Sun

Gloriana  received the Colonial Players "Promising Playwrights Award" and the "Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship."

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