DARKER by Catie O'Keefe

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Author:  Catie O'Keefe

Synopsis:  In search of a job, Max finds himself the new kid at the Industri-Light Bulb Factory.  But his surroundings are all too familiar… and he’s certain he has seen his boss somewhere before.  Is he losing his mind, or is this the start of a very sick- and ultimately deadly- game?  Max must uncover the truth, or accept a fate that will keep his life in a mind-numbing limbo.

Cast Size:  2 Males, 1 Female



"Especially pleasing… a Fringe must-see"

—Cincinnati Enquirer


“a very stylized and engaging theater experience."

—Behind the Curtain Cincinnati


"There's a lot working beneath the surface of ‘Darker,’ a noirish ‘Twilight Zone’ kind of story"

—Cincinnati Performing Arts Examiner 

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