"BLINDERS" by Patrick Gabridge

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Author:  Patrick Gabridge

Synopsis:   Scientists announce that they have found two people who are exactly alike.  Not twins, but two identical human beings.  Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, Karen Sayer can clearly see that the "duplicates," Chris and Alex, look absolutely nothing alike.  No one else seems to notice, or care, and the media unleashes a feeding frenzy over the new scientific discovery.  With modern science and the media behind them Chris and Alex are catapulted to instant celebrity.  With the help of Karen's salesman fiancé Stack, the incredible identicals campaign for the Presidency under the slogan "Two Heads Are Better Than One."  Knowing she must do something to awaken the world, Karen is suddenly thrust to the forefront of an assassination attempt.  Will she have the courage to follow through?  Will she succeed before it's too late?  Only the outrageous conclusion holds the answers.

Cast Size:  3 Males, 1 Female, 4 Chorus

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