BIG BABY by Joe Keyes

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Author:  Joe Keyes

Synopsis: BIG BABY unfurls in a cramped Midwestern apartment shared by Kile and his diminutive, gray-haired mother, June . This is a couple with colossal issues, and they wear them like comfortable old shoes. Mom is a staunch, churchgoing Catholic who endured an abusive marriage, and constantly fawns over and coddles her grown son. Kile is a scary bundle of pent-up energy and frustration who paces like a caged animal, stays medicated on a bevy of drugs, and frequently gets physical or argues vociferously over the merest trifle. When Nancy, a recovering heroin addict turned dominatrix, moves in next door, Kile avails himself of her services and finds them ironically therapeutic. But Kile's blossoming friendship with Nancy rankles June, who soon pushes Kile to the outermost limits of endurance.

Cast Size:  1 Male, 2 Females




“An audaciously original playwright, Keyes whips up a caustic mixture of hate, love, endurance and need as morbidly funny as it is believable.”- Los Angeles Times

"GO!"- Backstage West

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