About Us

Original Works Publishing is a publishing and licensing house for stage plays.   Original Works is known as the home for bold, innovative, original new plays.  We do not publish adaptations, translations, musicals, or works for young audiences.

OWP publishes trade acting editions as well as ebooks of all stage plays in our catalog.  The only exception is our eTens department which is solely published in eBook form.

Production licensing is done on a case by case basis in an effort to meet each producing entity's unique situation and budget. 


All orders are shipped USPS Priority or Media Mail.  Since all shipping outlets have raised their prices considerably, we have set up bulk shipping prices as follows:

1 play (Media Mail): $4.99

2-3 plays:  $8.75

4-6 plays:  $11.00

7-9 plays:  $14.00

10-15 plays:  $17.25

Orders over $150 receive FREE SHIPPING.

**FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE U.S.:  Original Works no longer ships outside the U.S.  We feel international shipping costs are too high for customers, and therefore encourage all customers outside the United States to use Amazon for their orders.  International Amazon pages provide much cheaper shipping options.  All of our titles are available on Amazon.**

For Playwrights:  Our standard contract for playwrights offers 15% of print books sales sold retail, 20% of gross eBook sales (which equals 50% of net after distribution outlets cut), and a standard 80/90% on amateur/professional production licensing.  An additional contractual bonus for our playwrights is that they may purchase any plays in the catalog at a steep discount.