ANGER BOX by Jeff Goode

ANGER BOX by Jeff Goode

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Author:  Jeff Goode

Synopsis: Anger Box, a collection of new monologues by Jeff Goode, takes a fucked-up, funny look at the Big Question -- you know, the God Question -- and the bizarre conclusions people sometimes draw.  Does anyone believe in  God ...really? Do we get a last meal after death row? How did God think to call himself God? Why do Arab chicks wear all those tarps? Does anyone understand why homosexuals are homosexual? Is it wrong to love Satan? Is it wrong to love Santa? Is it wrong to want to fuck the pope? And what is up with Carol-Ann, anyway?!!!

Cast Size:  10 monologues, cast varies




"Goode has a tight hold on dark humor and a more-than-passing interest in the Deep Questions about spirituality." -- Arizona Daily Star

"breaks out of the box with powerful words, ideas" -- The Boston Globe

"Something Wicked This Way Comes" -- The Washington Post

"Anger Box does to religion what XXX does to sex!" -- Edinburgh Guide

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