ANGEL EATERS by Johnna Adams

ANGEL EATERS by Johnna Adams

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The Angel Eaters Trilogy follows three generations of a family cursed with the gift of raising people from the dead.  These angel eaters, like a sin eater in reverse, eat the goodness off a dead body, bringing the deceased back from the dead brimming with evil and intent on mayhem.


Author:  Johnna Adams 

Synopsis: Set in the 1930's during the Oklahoma dustbowl.  A young girl who speaks to angels with the voices of birds.  A mother who hires a pair of con men to resurrect her dead husband.  An unlikely love affair between a desperately pregnant woman and a despicably charming carnival barker.  A false resurrectionist who is chained by the neck to the house of a family cursed with a genuine power to raise the dead.  A body that is transformed against its will into a dark weapon of dread - the angel eater! 

Cast Size:  3 Males, 3 Females, 1 Any Gender 




Nominee - Outstanding Full Length Script - 2009 Innovative Theatre Awards Pick of the Week

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