"AMERICAN WAY" by Jeremy Gable

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Author:  Jeremy Gable

Synopsis:  It's not easy being a superhero.  When not busy looking danger straight in the eye, there's comic book sales, public complaints and failed marketing strategies to deal with.  Sometimes it seems the only solace for a hard day of crime-fighting is a trip to the secret café.  Our heroes - the explosive Firebang, the voluptuous Mandible Maiden and the recently retired Crescent Wonder - gather to have a drink and welcome the newest apprentice, an eager kid with an unusual name.  But the day is young, and there is danger lurking.  "American Way" shows what happens when those with superpowers suddenly realize that they are powerless.  With a mixture of humor and tragedy, it shows us what truly makes a superhero.

Cast Size:  3 Males, 1 Female




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