A HEAVENLY BLAST by Rose Martula

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Author:  Rose Martula

Synopsis: On his way over to the usual, Sunday night family dinner, NICK--a raging alcoholic from a well-to-do family—hits and kills a young girl while driving drunk. Upon arriving at his pill-popping sister’s, he must face his family and somehow disclose his shameful secret. Unfortunately, everyone at dinner has their own agenda.  From Nick’s, boozing, wild-man father SNOOPY yelling at the TV, his brother-in-law LENNY constantly telling others how pathetic he has become, niece BECCA and her imaginary dog, to nephew JOEY and his lofty pimping dreams, it is tough to get a word in.  It is the story of a family that does not listen.

Cast Size:  4 Males, 3 Females



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