'8 LITTLE ANTICHRISTS' by Johnna Adams

"8 LITTLE ANTICHRISTS" by Johnna Adams

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"The Angel Eaters Trilogy" follows three generations of a family cursed with the gift of raising people from the dead.  These angel eaters, like a sin eater in reverse, eat the goodness off a dead body, bringing the deceased back from the dead brimming with evil and intent on mayhem.


Synopsis:  Set in 2048, Los Angeles.  The final generation of angel eaters in a futuristic Los Angeles.  A paranoid drifter trying to escape visions of gold horns and Armageddon.  An actuary thrust into a nightmare landscape of vicious angels and unwanted inheritance.  A breeder with ambitious needs reaching far beyond the vat of amniotic fluid she is suspended in.  A private investigator trying to find her clone sister's killer.  Fallen angels and inmates roaming a private prison built beneath a Disneyland theme park attraction. 

Cast Size:  4 Males, 3 Females, 2 Any Gender





 Nominee - Outstanding Full Length Script - 2009 Innovative Theatre Awards

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