4 PLAYS by David Lavine

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Author:  David Lavine




Bingo and Rose-Marie: At a retreat for convalescing circus performers, Bingo the Clown tries in vain to rediscover his funny bone. An accidental run in with the Fat Lady who jilted him reveals that she's not so fat anymore. All's fair in love and pies.

1 Male, 1 Female.

Suicide John: John wants to kill himself, but his sweaty, toilet-brush-wielding kidnapper won't let him. Johns wife, Yetta comes home from shopping to find herself very, very inconvenienced. A love triangle emerges, as do a gun, carrot-scrapper and pantyhose.

2 Males, 1 Female.

Smugglers Three: Kiki, Cliff, and Pablo have passports, pills and a plan. Not to mention a 200 pound one-legged Vietnam vet restrained in the bathroom.

2 Males, 1 Female.

God in Machine: Locked away in a dark attic, young Louis insists he is Mad King Ludwig of Bavaria. His harried sister hires a gum-cracking prostitute in an attempt to break the spell of his imaginary world.

1 Male, 2 Females.






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